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Jhoome Jiiya Re SerialJhoome jiiya re revolves around this girl who is trying to prove herself inspite of repeated failures. Have you ever met someone who is destined to get into trouble at all times? Someone who invites the negative powers of fate and is forever lost and stumbling even amidst the most familiar surroundings? Meet Jiiya Aggrawal, pretty, girl next door with a careless charm that will make any young man’s heart flutter. Jiiya lives for her family and thinks that her raison d etre is dance. And so, with a little bit of support from her partner in crime, her grandmother, she gets herself an audition form for the dance academy RAD.

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March 24th 2018 SaturdayOff-air
March 25th 2018 SundayOff-air
March 26th 2018 Monday11:30am
March 27th 2018 Tuesday11:30am
March 28th 2018 Wednesday11:30am
March 29th 2018 Thursday11:30am
March 30th 2018 Friday11:30am

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