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Jamunia SerialThe story of Jamunia whose life gets entangled with the sins committed by Gajadhar Raut & the curse which befalls his house. In exchange for money, Jamunia is married off by her maternal uncles into Gajadhar Raut’s family. Unbeknown to her, the house is cursed as no woman has ever stayed alive. Even as a sword constantly dangles over her life; Jamunia attempts to carry the burden of pulling out her family from this vicious bane. Will Jamunia succeed or will she be yet another innocent victim of the curse which befalls her marital home.

An 18yr old girl, orphaned at a very early age. Post the demise of her parents; Jamunia started living at her maternal grandfather’s house with her mamas & mamis. Upset at having to feed yet another mouth; her cunning mamas & mamis started exploiting Jamunia in every possible manner. However, due to her simplicity & naivety Jamunia never looked upon her life as a life of exploitation. Her loyalty makes her love her family dearly & she is ever ready to help & support them in any given situation.

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February 25th 2018 SundayOff-air
February 26th 2018 Monday8:00am
February 27th 2018 Tuesday8:00am
February 28th 2018 Wednesday8:00am
March 1st 2018 Thursday8:00am
March 2nd 2018 Friday8:00am
March 3rd 2018 SaturdayOff-air

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