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Jamuna Paar SerialAny Indian metro city has contrasting lives, people and communities and no, we are not talking about the financial differences here but in origin, lifestyle, traditions and cultures. Jamuna Paar is a story that brings about this contrast in the national capital, Delhi.

Jamuna Paar is essentially a love story of Vidhi Malhotra played by Vidhi Parekh and Bijju Katewa played by Ankur Verma. Vidhi is a shy but talented young fashion photographer while Bijju is handsome and an extrovert, one to live life as his heart desires. Vidhi’s family lives in the posh Greater Kailash 1 in New Delhi and Bijju’s large family who are into the weaving business lives in suburban Jamuna Paar. Vidhi’s coyness comes from the factor that she lives with her father but the rest of the family members are all step relations including her mother, grandmother and sister.

As fate would have it, Vidhi and Bijju bump into each other and despite their contrasting backgrounds and contrasting natures inevitably fall in love. The young lovebirds take their course to keep up their relationship and Jamuna Paar is the journey into their future lives.

Gear up for some struggles between the elite and the ordinary, between what is plush and what is mundane. Jamuna Paar airs at prime time on Imagine.

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December 9th 2016 Friday8:30am
December 10th 2016 SaturdayOff-air
December 11th 2016 SundayOff-air
December 12th 2016 Monday8:30am
December 13th 2016 Tuesday8:30am
December 14th 2016 Wednesday8:30am
December 15th 2016 Thursday8:30am

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