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Sab Tv serial Jaankhilavan Jasoos online. This drama is scheduled Sat at 08:30am. Watch hindi drama serial Jaankhilavan Jasoos online. Free episodes and updates of Jaankhilavan Jasoos available online. Download and watch Jaankhilavan Jasoos episodes.

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Jaankhilavan Jasoos SerialJaankhilavan Jasoos is a hilarious detective comedy series.

A perfect combination of thrill, suspense & comedy this detective series will revolve around unique cases solved by ‘The Private Eye Investigation’ team. The team comprising of three people is led by the chief - Jaankhilavan Jasoos, better known as, JJ accompanied by his beautiful assistant, Monalisa and a martial arts expert Ching Fung Lee. The trio get along like a house on fire and go through various trials and tribulations before concluding the case.

The nature of the featured cases will be primarily robberies, theft, kidnap & fraudulent cases with each episode having a definite ending. It is a clean and humorous detective comedy series. Packed with comic action & spectacular visuals, Jaankhilavan Jasoos will make the audiences laugh with his quirky one-liners & his weird theories of common criminal investigation.

Jaankhilavan Jasoos is being produced by Fireworks and directed by Prabal Baruah who has several popular TV shows to his credit.

A weekly, one hour dose of laughter with each character’s peculiar habits and successively converting into a maddening riot, this show is surely a comedy with a difference!

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December 16th 2017 Saturday8:30am
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