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Humsafar SerialThe story follows the journey of Khirad and Ashar as a couple, who are pressurized into marriage due to the sudden death of Khirad's mother. Khirad is a self-respecting, beautiful young woman living with her mother in Hyderabad (Pakistan). Her maternal uncle, Baseerat, a rich businessman, lives in Karachi with his wife and his son, Ashar. Ashar is a suave, Yale returned, well-educated and well-mannered gentleman, who manages his father's business. He has a best friend in Sara, his mother's niece. Unknown to him, Sara loves Ashar and wishes to get married to him eventually. However, fate takes another path, which Sara had never imagined. Khirad's mother is detected with cancer and calls Baseerat for help. Baseerat brings his sister and niece to Karachi so that he can get his sister treated. However, Khirad's mother realizes the fatality of the situation and requests her brother to get Khirad married before she dies. Ridden with guilt at having neglected his sister's welfare until now, Baseerat promptly decides to get Khirad married to his son. Sara is shocked, while Ashar is caught in a dilemma between his friendship and his duty as a son.

Married in these unusual circumstances, will Khirad and Asher manage to find love for each other? This story explores the trials and tribulations of a married couple and the jealous forces that work to break them apart.

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May 27th 2016 FridayOff-air
May 28th 2016 SaturdayOff-air
May 29th 2016 SundayOff-air
May 30th 2016 Monday10:00am
May 31st 2016 Tuesday10:00am
June 1st 2016 Wednesday10:00am
June 2nd 2016 Thursday10:00am

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