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Hum Ladkiyan SerialThe story hails from Benaras, the holy city of India, and depicts the simplicity of the lives of four young girls: Sapna, Pooja, Ajju, and Alka. It unvails the aspirations, friendship, and desires of these simple girls. Despite living in a small city, the girls enjoy every moment of their lives from wandering around on the banks of the Ganges river to just chatting away on their terrace. Even though these girls are average in their studies, they still look forward to go to college to fulfill their dreams where they find life different, far from their sheltered and protected homes. But they still hold onto themselves while exploring the life outside their homes. While they realize the works and ways of the real world, they face life as it comes. But what happens when it is time for their marriage? Nobody knows how their journey meanders, not even their families who cannot imagine living life without their precious daughters.

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March 24th 2017 FridayOff-air
March 25th 2017 SaturdayOff-air
March 26th 2017 SundayOff-air
March 27th 2017 Monday11:30am
March 28th 2017 Tuesday11:30am
March 29th 2017 Wednesday11:30am
March 30th 2017 Thursday11:30am

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