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Hukum Mere Aaka SerialThe serial is a humurous fantasy that, though made for kids, will have the whole family in splits. The story revolves around an absent-minded professor named Vikram Seth, his wife Shraddha, and the professor's unusal fear of Kids. This deep-rooted dread is thanks to the two pests in the neighbourhood, the bulky bully Winky Watan Singh Phagwarewallah (WWF) and a little girl called Tabassum. The story revolves around how the professor, who's always collecting old antiques, stumbles upon a bottle that, surprise of surprises, contains a young genie. Thanks to the professor's absent-mindedness, nobody seems to believe that the genie is for real, but finally thanks to the intervention of Tabassum's father, Mirza Shaukat Beig, who believes in black magic, the truth becomes known to everybody. How the genie then traps Mirza in a bottle and how he later becomes an integral part of the professor's family, is what 'Hukum Mere Aaka' is all about.

DateTypeHukum Mere Aaka OnlineComments
June 4thEpisodeJune 4th 2011 Episode
June 2ndEpisodeJune 2nd 2011 Episode
June 1stEpisodeJune 1st 2011 Episode
May 31stEpisodeMay 31st 2011 Episode
May 30thEpisodeMay 30th 2011 Episode
May 26thEpisodeMay 26th 2011 Episode
May 25thEpisodeMay 25th 2011 Episode
May 24thEpisodeMay 24th 2011 Episode
May 23rdEpisodeMay 23rd 2011 Episode
May 19thEpisodeMay 19th 2011 Episode
May 18thEpisodeMay 18th 2011 Episode
May 17thEpisodeMay 17th 2011 Episode
May 16thEpisodeMay 16th 2011 Episode
May 12thEpisodeMay 12th 2011 Episode
May 11thEpisodeMay 11th 2011 Episode
May 10thEpisodeMay 10th 2011 Episode
May 9thEpisodeMay 9th 2011 Episode
May 5thEpisodeMay 5th 2011 Episode
May 4thEpisodeMay 4th 2011 Episode
May 3rdEpisodeMay 3rd 2011 Episode
May 2ndEpisodeMay 2nd 2011 Episode
April 28thEpisodeApril 28th 2011 Episode
April 27thEpisodeApril 27th 2011 Episode
April 26thEpisodeApril 26th 2011 Episode
April 25thEpisodeApril 25th 2011 Episode
April 21stEpisodeApril 21st 2011 Episode
April 20thEpisodeApril 20th 2011 Episode
April 19thEpisodeApril 19th 2011 Episode
April 18thEpisodeApril 18th 2011 Episode
April 14thEpisodeApril 14th 2011 Episode

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