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Horror Nights SerialThe story begins with the shoot of a film where the lead actor Sharda is giving the last shot for the film. She is supposed to do a stunt for this shot where she needs to hang from a tree. However while doing this particular stunt, due to a preplanned mishap, Sharda dies. Everyone believes this to be an accident and the case is closed.

Five years later, five film making students, Andy, Aveg, Nitisha, Minty and Mansa come to an old and ruined theatre where they find the print of the film Manhoos Aatma, directed by Dheeraj. This is the same film which has the real footage of Sharda’s death. They decide to watch the film as it is supposed to be on of the scariest films ever made. Mansa tries to stop them as the film is suppose to be ‘cursed’ and anyone who watches the film ends up losing their life. No one takes her seriously and they watch the film.

As they begin to watch the film, so does their misfortunes - strange occurrences, missing students. Is the ghost of actress Sharda out to get them, should they have listened to Manasa’s warnings, who rescue them from being mercilessly killed? Get the horrifying answers this weekend.

DateTypeHorror Nights OnlineComments
November 14thEpisodeNovember 14th 2010 Episode
November 13thEpisodeNovember 13th 2010 Episode
November 7thEpisodeNovember 7th 2010 Episode
November 6thEpisodeNovember 6th 2010 Episode
October 31stEpisodeOctober 31st 2010 Episode
October 30thEpisodeOctober 30th 2010 Episode
October 24thEpisodeOctober 24th 2010 Episode
October 23rdEpisodeOctober 23rd 2010 Episode
October 17thEpisodeOctober 17th 2010 Episode
October 16thEpisodeOctober 16th 2010 Episode
October 10thEpisodeOctober 10th 2010 Episode
October 9thEpisodeOctober 9th 2010 Episode
October 3rdEpisodeOctober 3rd 2010 Episode
October 2ndEpisodeOctober 2nd 2010 Episode
September 26thEpisodeSeptember 26th 2010 Episode
September 25thEpisodeSeptember 25th 2010 Episode
September 19thEpisodeSeptember 19th 2010 Episode
September 18thEpisodeSeptember 18th 2010 Episode
September 12thEpisodeSeptember 12th 2010 Episode
September 11thEpisodeSeptember 11th 2010 Episode
September 5thEpisodeSeptember 5th 2010 Episode
September 4thEpisodeSeptember 4th 2010 Episode
August 29thEpisodeAugust 29th 2010 Episode
August 28thEpisodeAugust 28th 2010 Episode
August 22ndEpisodeAugust 22nd 2010 Episode
August 21stEpisodeAugust 21st 2010 Episode
August 15thEpisodeAugust 15th 2010 Episode
August 14thEpisodeAugust 14th 2010 Episode
August 8thEpisodeAugust 8th 2010 Episode
August 7thEpisodeAugust 7th 2010 Episode

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May 31st 2015 Sunday9:00am
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