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Hitler Didi SerialOverloaded with work, Indira Sharma is a hardworking young girl who has tons of responsibilities to handle. Taking care of just about everything for her large family she has become fully focused on work and just about nothing else. Hitler Didi is a show about how Indira takes on all the different tasks that are thrown at her from individuals all around her. She hardly has time to do things for herself as she has so much else to do. She lives her life with strict rules and makes sure she caries on her responsibilities but the hero of the drama is there to help her realize that she should step away from her strict ways.

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This is what Hitler Didi's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
August 24th 2017 Thursday8:00am
August 25th 2017 Friday8:00am
August 26th 2017 SaturdayOff-air
August 27th 2017 SundayOff-air
August 28th 2017 Monday8:00am
August 29th 2017 Tuesday8:00am
August 30th 2017 Wednesday8:00am

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