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Hamaari Beti Raaj Karegi SerialHamaari Beti Raaj Karegi is the story of Anjali Shukla… her dreams, her struggles, her victories… her journey in life. Anjali is an educated and cultured girl from a well to do but simple family of Kanpur, in her final year of B.A. Anjali’s father Uma Shankar Shukla, a simple honest man, has but one dream… to educate his two daughters and get them married to educated and cultured boys.

Anjali’s marriage is fixed with Vikram, son of Shashidhar Chaturvedi. Vikram is everything Anjali ever wanted in her life partner. To top it, Shashidhar Chaturvedi and his family make no demands of Uma Shankar. A dream wedding is on the cards!

But is it all too good to be true? The masks come off on the wedding day! Shashidhar Chaturvedi reveals his true self. His eye was on a huge property that Uma Shankar was fighting a case for. Unfortunately, Uma Shankar loses the case and Shashidhar calls off the marriage in the mandap. Uma Shankar pleads and begs but to no avail.

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December 14th 2017 Thursday8:00am
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December 18th 2017 Monday8:00am
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December 20th 2017 Wednesday8:00am

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