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Gupp Chupp SerialGupp Chupp is a Hindi comedy show which premiered on 6 August 2016 on Sab TV. Sab Tv, known for its hit comedy serials like ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma, Badi Door Se Aaye Hai, Chidiyaghar etc. explores the tough genre of silent comedy yet again with Gupp Chupp. This entertaining show is produced by Manish Pupat under the banner of Shreem Productions Pvt Ltd. Prabal Baruah is the director of the show. It airs at 8PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Gupp Chupp is the story of two rivalling families, Kohlis, who own a modern cake shop and Sethis, who run a traditional sweets shop. They are poles apart and try to outdo each other on the business front. Kohlis are well-travelled and modern and serve trendy desserts in their shop. Sethis, on the other hand are a festive and loud traditional Indian lot and sell popular Indian mithais in their shop. Their attempts to best each other serve as the comic fodder. Saanand Verma plays Vivek Kohli and Monica Castelino is in the role of his wife Lovely. Their daughter Tina is played by Palak Day and Sahiba Khurana’s character is in role of Lovely’s mother. The Sethi couple Sonu and Bulbul is portrayed by Navin Bawa and Samiksha Bhatnagar.

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August 14th 2017 - Chup chupke SS- part 3
August 6th 2017 - Chup chupke SS- part 2
August 3rd 2017 - Chup chupke SS- part 1

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August 26th 2017 Saturday11:30am
August 27th 2017 Sunday11:30am
August 28th 2017 MondayOff-air
August 29th 2017 TuesdayOff-air

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