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Gunahon Ka Devta SerialIn a crime infested town in eastern up, where the law of the land is laid down by dreaded criminals, Avdesh Singh Thakur is the leader of the most dreaded gang of criminals. In a town, where scores are settled with guns and gore he is first among equals.

About Gunaho Ka Devta follows the story of a criminal. It shows the humanitarian aspect of the goon who is looked upon with respect by one section of the society. Watch the series to see what happens when love blossoms between this man and a girl who aspires to love a 'bad guy'.

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January 23rd 2018 Tuesday8:00am
January 24th 2018 Wednesday8:00am
January 25th 2018 Thursday8:00am
January 26th 2018 Friday8:00am
January 27th 2018 SaturdayOff-air
January 28th 2018 SundayOff-air
January 29th 2018 Monday8:00am

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