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Ghar Ek Sapna SerialIt is a phenomenon we have often read about in Bihar and treated with part disbelief and part horror, as a case of truth being stranger than fiction. A bridegroom kidnapped for a marriage, a wedding held at gunpoint. What a beginning for a life-long relationship that should be based on love, trust and faith. In fact many would question whether this could be called a marriage at all? Ghar... Ek Sapnaa opens with a similar wedding and explores the unusual relationship between a couple. It unravels every colour of the bond of love and marriage that is both unique and universal.

At the centre of this dramatic wedding is the bride Kakul - the innocent, beautiful and much protected younger daughter of a politico-business magnate of Patna - Om Shankar. Kakul's family consists of her father, her elder sister Trisha and her brother-in-law, Sujit. She's a girl with small town values, and dreams of a big and happy family after marriage. Being the youngest in the family, Kakul has grown in an over-protected environment and has never been in love before. Her innocence leads her to fall in love with Samman for whom she was merely the object of flirtation. But the fact that Kakul belongs to such a family, ensures that he has to pay a huge price for his not so-honourable intentions. So what is "forced" to him is completely honourable and just to Kakul's family and even though Samman wants to break free from this situation, he is forced to marry Kakul and take her home with him.

Ghar... Ek Sapnaa is the story of a home that we all dream of. But it takes a lifetime of building relationships, for us to actually make it a dream home.

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