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Ganga Ki Dheej SerialGanga Ki Dheej is one such story that deals with the ordeals of young unmarried girls in a village called Kaliganj based in rural West Bengal. It highlights the growing up of the girls within the restrictions of the various rituals and customs laid down by the self-proclaimed lords of the land. Kaliganj is ruled and is under the supreme power of one such landlord Dadabhai (Kabir Bedi) who is like god to the villagers as most of them work under his command.

Ganga Ki Dheej follows the journey of a young girl Pakhi (Leena Jhumani) residing in Kaliganj and whose life changes because of the set rituals blindly followed by the community. Pakhi’s village is bound and flanked by mountain and water at all four sides and nobody can escape the village without the authorities coming to know about it. The rituals and traditions force the girls in the village to be under heavy protection till they get married. They can’t even step out of the house without a veil and a herd of so-called brothers to go with them to all the places possible in the name of security. The girls get their “freedom” only after marriage but the passage to get married is not easy. They have to undergo a purity test in the name of religion. Maha Mai (Ashwini Kalsekar) is the village high priestess, who executes the practice and is feared by all the villagers for her dominance over all the people when it comes to religious tolerance. Every father fears the day when the daughter gets married as that means the girl will have to go through the purity test. It’s a tradition blindly followed as nobody can raise a question to Maha Mai at the risk of being ousted from the village.

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