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Sahara One serial Firangi Bahu online. This currently Off-air drama is scheduled Mon - Fri at 07:00am. Watch hindi drama serial Firangi Bahu online. Free episodes and updates of Firangi Bahu available online. Download and watch Firangi Bahu episodes.

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Watch Firangi Bahu OnlineFirangi Bahu serial is the journey of a British girl, Camili Jonathan who is married into a conservative Gujarati family. Pranay Desai, the youngest son of Desai family goes to London for higher studies. There he meets Camili and through her eyes and heart, gets to understand his own motherland, in a completely new perspective. Aware of his conservative family background, he decides to marry Camili in London and returns back to India. The show depicts Camiliís struggle after getting married in to a traditional, conservative Indian family and how she wins over the family members with her knowledge and love for Indian culture.

DateTypeFirangi Bahu OnlineComments
March 28thEpisodeMarch 28th 2014 Episode
March 27thEpisodeMarch 27th 2014 Episode
March 26thEpisodeMarch 26th 2014 Episode
March 25thEpisodeMarch 25th 2014 Episode
March 24thEpisodeMarch 24th 2014 Episode
March 21stEpisodeMarch 21st 2014 Episode
March 20thEpisodeMarch 20th 2014 Episode
March 19thEpisodeMarch 19th 2014 Episode
March 18thEpisodeMarch 18th 2014 Episode
March 17thEpisodeMarch 17th 2014 Episode
March 14thEpisodeMarch 14th 2014 Episode
March 13thEpisodeMarch 13th 2014 Episode
March 11thEpisodeMarch 11th 2014 Episode
March 10thEpisodeMarch 10th 2014 Episode
March 6thEpisodeMarch 6th 2014 Episode
March 5thEpisodeMarch 5th 2014 Episode
March 4thEpisodeMarch 4th 2014 Episode
March 3rdEpisodeMarch 3rd 2014 Episode
February 28thEpisodeFebruary 28th 2014 Episode
February 27thEpisodeFebruary 27th 2014 Episode
February 26thEpisodeFebruary 26th 2014 Episode
February 25thEpisodeFebruary 25th 2014 Episode
February 24thEpisodeFebruary 24th 2014 Episode
February 21stEpisodeFebruary 21st 2014 Episode
February 20thEpisodeFebruary 20th 2014 Episode
February 19thEpisodeFebruary 19th 2014 Episode
February 18thEpisodeFebruary 18th 2014 Episode
February 17thEpisodeFebruary 17th 2014 Episode
February 14thEpisodeFebruary 14th 2014 Episode
February 13thEpisodeFebruary 13th 2014 Episode

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April 26th 2015 SundayOff-air
April 27th 2015 Monday7:00am
April 28th 2015 Tuesday7:00am
April 29th 2015 Wednesday7:00am
April 30th 2015 Thursday7:00am
May 1st 2015 Friday7:00am
May 2nd 2015 SaturdayOff-air

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