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Ek Packet Umeed SerialImagine having the freedom to choose your family! Umeed Bhavan is a family home for a group of women, who have come to terms with their unfortunate past and have started life afresh with a positive attitude that can never pull them down. ‘Ek Packet Umeed’ is a touching drama about the experiences and lives of these women as they unfold in Umeed Bhavan.

The story focuses on Ambika Dharamraj and 15 other members who have all chosen to make a change. Despite having undergone so much misery they now live a happy life in a home they can call their own and with a family of their choice! With a never-say-die attitude, each of the characters have taken it upon themselves to bring joy and happiness through the packets of food like masalas, aachar, papads, jams that they make and sell every day.

An ode to the women and their resilient spirit, Ek Packet Umeed is a show that is filled with every colour of life that you can Imagine.

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March 24th 2018 SaturdayOff-air
March 25th 2018 SundayOff-air
March 26th 2018 MondayOff-air
March 27th 2018 Tuesday11:30am
March 28th 2018 WednesdayOff-air
March 29th 2018 ThursdayOff-air
March 30th 2018 FridayOff-air

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