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Watch Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum OnlineNot all saas bahu relationships have a hidden megalomaniac agenda. In some cases, the situation may be as simple as going about the expected responsibilities while adhering to the laid down guidelines.

The Majumdar family is all game for fun, laughter and love but there is one thing that they all hold close to their heart, their family. When Aniket, the eldest son of the Majumdar family, decided to get married to a former actress but an innocent and childish Sushila, Sanyukta (Aniketís mother) hardly had any problems with his choice. The only factor that troubles Sanyukta is when things do not go as desired. She loves everyone and does not nurse any wrong intentions for anyone and that includes her new bahu but when people commit mistakes, the homemaker of Majumdar family can be a tough task master.

The senior Majumdar is happy to play his bit in the family and remain as a figurative head while Aniket is content with his passion for poetry and singing, Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum is all about treating your loved ones with love but doing everything in the right way.

Tune into Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum for some masti and pyaar and discover the unique Majumdar family.

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DateTypeEk Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum OnlineComments
November 17thEpisodeNovember 17th 2012 Episode
November 16thEpisodeNovember 16th 2012 Episode
November 15thEpisodeNovember 15th 2012 Episode
November 14thEpisodeNovember 14th 2012 Episode
November 13thEpisodeNovember 13th 2012 Episode
November 12thEpisodeNovember 12th 2012 Episode
November 9thEpisodeNovember 9th 2012 Episode
November 8thEpisodeNovember 8th 2012 Episode
November 7thEpisodeNovember 7th 2012 Episode
November 6thEpisodeNovember 6th 2012 Episode
November 5thEpisodeNovember 5th 2012 Episode
November 2ndEpisodeNovember 2nd 2012 Episode
November 1stEpisodeNovember 1st 2012 Episode
October 31stEpisodeOctober 31st 2012 Episode
October 30thEpisodeOctober 30th 2012 Episode
October 29thEpisodeOctober 29th 2012 Episode
October 26thEpisodeOctober 26th 2012 Episode
October 26thNewsShow to end despite decent ratings
October 25thEpisodeOctober 25th 2012 Episode
October 24thEpisodeOctober 24th 2012 Episode
October 23rdEpisodeOctober 23rd 2012 Episode
October 22ndEpisodeOctober 22nd 2012 Episode
October 20thEpisodeOctober 20th 2012 Episode
October 19thEpisodeOctober 19th 2012 Episode
October 18thEpisodeOctober 18th 2012 Episode
October 17thEpisodeOctober 17th 2012 Episode
October 16thEpisodeOctober 16th 2012 Episode
October 15thEpisodeOctober 15th 2012 Episode
October 12thEpisodeOctober 12th 2012 Episode
October 11thEpisodeOctober 11th 2012 Episode
October 10thEpisodeOctober 10th 2012 Episode

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