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Doli Saja Ke SerialThe bond between a father and daughter usually transcends the boundaries of love. But what happens when a father blames his innocent daughter, from the very day of her birth, for the loss of his better half? What happens when a daughter has to grow up under the stigma of being manhoos?

This May SaharaOne Television brings to your house a girl who, inspite of born to an affluent family, is considered a manhoos and has to live a life of hardships, craving for her father's affection.

Doli Saja Ke is the story of the young and beautiful Anupama whose birth unfortunately coincides with the death of her mother Kiran. The loss of his beloved wife leads Vikramjeet Kapoor to blame the newborn for the tragedy. Anupama grows up with the kalank of being a manhoos which is further fanned by her stepmother Maya and slowly, as she grows up, she too starts believing in the myth. While Anupama's step-brother Veer loves and respects her immensely, her step-sister Riddhima treats her like a lesser mortal. Another person who supports Anupama throughout is her father's old servant Badri Kaka. But Veer and Badri Kaka's love could never fill the gap left by the death of her mother and the indifference of her father.

Will Anupama ever get her father's aashirwaad? Will she be able to wipe out the kalank of being a manhoos and be her father's loving daughter?

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