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Do Hanson Ka Jodaa SerialDo Hanson Ka Jodaa is a story that upholds the sanctity of marital bonding and portrays the dynamics of the most powerful bond on earth. It is about our heroine Preeti, who always dreamt of a marriage like they show in the movies – ‘picture perfect’! But she gets married to Suryakamal, an ordinary man, sneezing continuously due to his sinus problem and he could be wearing a wig too!

With time the truth unfolds and she realizes that it is this ‘same opposite’ who has mirrored her, completed her, fulfilled her… And that the real heroes are not necessarily the ones in the movies!

Set in Vrindavan - the pious and holy play place of Lord Krishna, this show is a never -seen- before attempt to capture the essence of marriage and life after that.

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April 30th 2017 SundayOff-air
May 1st 2017 Monday9:00am
May 2nd 2017 Tuesday9:00am
May 3rd 2017 Wednesday9:00am
May 4th 2017 Thursday9:00am
May 5th 2017 Friday9:00am
May 6th 2017 SaturdayOff-air

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