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Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein SerialAlka’s life takes a complete U turn when she returns home, to India to her father’s house for vacation. Her father is a shining political figure who now wants his son to take on the political legacy forward. Alka has no interest in political scenario in any fashion but life chalks out another plan for her; she falls in love with her childhood friend Chander, who is part of her father’s political party and valiantly fights for the rights of the down trodden; the love affair in not taken well by her family and to add to the lover’s misfortune Chander was opposing reopening of a fertilizer plant as it lacked in safety measures; Alka’ s brother along with industrialist Jay Vardhan gets Chander killed; Alka loses perspective and interest in life; a heart broken Alka is all set to return to New York much to the relief of her family is told to stay back when her father’s constituency gets reserved for women candidates. Alka’s father’s clout helps her win the election but she still does not have any interest in the role she is made to take up till there is a gas leakage in the fertilizer factory which Chander had been opposing, leaving many dead. A very conscientious Alka wakes up to the call of her life, realizing that only she can make the social change happen, which Chander wanted to, much to the discomfort of her father, who on the face had gotten her elected but never wanted her get empowered in the true sense.

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