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Dharam Veer SerialIn a world divided on the basis of caste and religion, imagine a show that emphasizes the forgotten values of brotherhood and fraternity.

Dharam Veer is a show that highlights the beauty of a relationship based on unconditional love, friendship and loyalty.

A fresh new offering from Sagar Arts, this period drama is a fictional tale of two princes - Dharam and Veer. It is the story of their friendship, loyalty, bravery and innumerable adventures as they traverse the path of life, from being boys to men.

As the two brothers steer through the journey of life, they are faced with numerous hardships and conflicts which threaten to shake the foundation of their strong bond. Will Dharam and Veer be able to safeguard their relationship, as they fight for what is right, or will destiny drive a wedge between the two?

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This is what Dharam Veer's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
December 16th 2017 SaturdayOff-air
December 17th 2017 SundayOff-air
December 18th 2017 Monday11:30am
December 19th 2017 Tuesday11:30am
December 20th 2017 Wednesday11:30am
December 21st 2017 Thursday11:30am
December 22nd 2017 Friday11:30am

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