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Dehleez Serial‘Dehleez’ is a story of a young happily married girl, Indu, who has to step beyond the boundaries of her home to earn a living for the sake of her husband Arjun. The essence of the story is the struggle and the courage of a common working woman to keep her marriage together while being faced with resistance from her own family as well as the society.Dehleez is produced by Manish Goswami’s Siddhant Cinevision and will see a mix of new and popular faces. The main protagonist Indu is portrayed by Preeti Gandwani, alongside a cast of other brilliant actors like Bhuvnesh Mam, Rakesh Pandey, Savita Prabhune and Preeti Sahay amongst others. The story has been written by the noted writer Mir Munneer and will be directed by Tamna P Nedungadi.

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DateTypeDehleez OnlineComments
May 22ndEpisodeMay 22nd 2009 Episode
May 21stEpisodeMay 21st 2009 Episode
May 20thEpisodeMay 20th 2009 Episode
May 19thEpisodeMay 19th 2009 Episode
May 15thEpisodeMay 15th 2009 Episode
May 14thEpisodeMay 14th 2009 Episode
May 13thEpisodeMay 13th 2009 Episode
May 12thEpisodeMay 12th 2009 Episode
May 8thEpisodeMay 8th 2009 Episode
May 7thEpisodeMay 7th 2009 Episode
May 6thEpisodeMay 6th 2009 Episode
May 5thEpisodeMay 5th 2009 Episode
May 1stEpisodeMay 1st 2009 Episode
April 30thEpisodeApril 30th 2009 Episode
April 29thEpisodeApril 29th 2009 Episode
April 28thEpisodeApril 28th 2009 Episode
April 27thEpisodeApril 27th 2009 Episode
April 24thEpisodeApril 24th 2009 Episode
April 23rdEpisodeApril 23rd 2009 Episode
April 22ndEpisodeApril 22nd 2009 Episode
April 21stEpisodeApril 21st 2009 Episode
April 20thEpisodeApril 20th 2009 Episode
April 17thEpisodeApril 17th 2009 Episode
April 16thEpisodeApril 16th 2009 Episode
April 15thEpisodeApril 15th 2009 Episode
April 14thEpisodeApril 14th 2009 Episode
April 13thEpisodeApril 13th 2009 Episode
April 10thEpisodeApril 10th 2009 Episode
April 8thEpisodeApril 8th 2009 Episode
April 7thEpisodeApril 7th 2009 Episode

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May 26th 2015 Tuesday11:30am
May 27th 2015 Wednesday11:30am
May 28th 2015 Thursday11:30am
May 29th 2015 Friday11:30am
May 30th 2015 SaturdayOff-air
May 31st 2015 SundayOff-air
June 1st 2015 Monday11:30am

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