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Crunch SerialMTV is back with the second season of Crunch, another reality show that had been pretty popular in its first season.

Crunch 2 is based on the same concept but the art direction and settings have undergone significant changes. Crunch 2 would put 3 people together into one room for 30 days. The catch remains the same that the room will get smaller. The contestants or participants either need to solve puzzles and get some more time, err room, or get rid of the essential items in the room to make space for themselves. Amidst all the crunching for space drama, when 3 individuals who are certainly not the best of friends from the onset are put into a crunching room, they inevitably embark on a journey of tussles, hatred, love and more often than frequent conspiracies and betrayal.

Watch some of the faces that you know and some absolutely common people trying to make room for themselves in MTV Crunch Season 2.

Now, we know that Crunch is normally shot using stationed CCTV cameras and monitors the lives of the contestants 24/7. However, the channel only airs bits and pieces of the show in their episode. If you want, you can catch up with MTV Crunch any time of the day and can also get access to 24 hours of the participant’s whereabouts and hullaballoo online. Pick your favorite contestant and root for him or her or simply stand back and enjoy the war. At the end of the day, everything is fair when your ground is shrinking. (Source: MTV India)

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January 20th 2018 Saturday7:30am
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January 22nd 2018 Monday7:30am
January 23rd 2018 Tuesday7:30am
January 24th 2018 Wednesday7:30am
January 25th 2018 Thursday7:30am
January 26th 2018 Friday7:30am

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