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Watch Crime Patrol OnlineCrime Patrol as the name suggests is a show geared towards capturing how the police stops or solves a crime.

Going beyond the drama of police action in a crime situation, the show also aims to look into the “why” behind a crime. Police action on one hand gives the show the edge of how the law keepers bring the culprits to book or stop a crime from being committed. On the other hand, the show will also be looking at the sociological aspect behind a crime- both from the victim as well as the criminal’s side. Of course the overall approach would be neutral and not intending to take sides anywhere.

DateTypeCrime Patrol OnlineComments
April 20thEpisodeApril 20th 2014 Episode
April 19thEpisodeApril 19th 2014 Episode
April 18thEpisodeApril 18th 2014 Episode
April 13thEpisodeApril 13th 2014 Episode
April 12thEpisodeApril 12th 2014 Episode
April 11thEpisodeApril 11th 2014 Episode
April 5thEpisodeApril 5th 2014 Episode
April 4thEpisodeApril 4th 2014 Episode
March 29thEpisodeMarch 29th 2014 Episode
March 28thEpisodeMarch 28th 2014 Episode
March 22ndEpisodeMarch 22nd 2014 Episode
March 21stEpisodeMarch 21st 2014 Episode
March 15thEpisodeMarch 15th 2014 Episode
March 14thEpisodeMarch 14th 2014 Episode
March 8thEpisodeMarch 8th 2014 Episode
March 7thEpisodeMarch 7th 2014 Episode
March 1stEpisodeMarch 1st 2014 Episode
February 28thEpisodeFebruary 28th 2014 Episode
February 22ndEpisodeFebruary 22nd 2014 Episode
February 21stEpisodeFebruary 21st 2014 Episode
February 15thEpisodeFebruary 15th 2014 Episode
February 14thEpisodeFebruary 14th 2014 Episode
February 8thEpisodeFebruary 8th 2014 Episode
February 7thEpisodeFebruary 7th 2014 Episode
February 1stEpisodeFebruary 1st 2014 Episode
January 31stEpisodeJanuary 31st 2014 Episode
January 25thEpisodeJanuary 25th 2014 Episode
January 24thEpisodeJanuary 24th 2014 Episode
January 18thEpisodeJanuary 18th 2014 Episode
January 17thEpisodeJanuary 17th 2014 Episode
October 26thNewsCry for help results in death
December 10thVideoDecember 9th Preview

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This is what Crime Patrol's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
April 24th 2014 ThursdayOff-air
April 25th 2014 Friday10:30am
April 26th 2014 Saturday10:30am
April 27th 2014 Sunday10:30am
April 28th 2014 MondayOff-air
April 29th 2014 TuesdayOff-air
April 30th 2014 WednesdayOff-air

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