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Choti Bahu SerialWhat makes a marriage? Is it taking the vows or is it observing the moral, spiritual, emotional and physical requirements of married life? These are some of the questions that have been important to Indian philosophy and Indian tradition for a long long time.

Zee's new offering addresses these questions in the mould of a contemporary, engaging and dramatic show called "Choti Bahu" - the story of a young girl who is the adopted daughter and hence is subjected to second grade treatment all through her life.

DateTypeChoti Bahu OnlineComments
May 18thEpisodeMay 18th 2012 Episode
May 17thEpisodeMay 17th 2012 Episode
May 16thEpisodeMay 16th 2012 Episode
May 15thEpisodeMay 15th 2012 Episode
May 14thEpisodeMay 14th 2012 Episode
May 11thEpisodeMay 11th 2012 Episode
May 10thEpisodeMay 10th 2012 Episode
May 9thEpisodeMay 9th 2012 Episode
May 8thEpisodeMay 8th 2012 Episode
May 7thEpisodeMay 7th 2012 Episode
May 4thEpisodeMay 4th 2012 Episode
May 3rdEpisodeMay 3rd 2012 Episode
May 2ndEpisodeMay 2nd 2012 Episode
May 1stEpisodeMay 1st 2012 Episode
April 30thEpisodeApril 30th 2012 Episode
April 27thEpisodeApril 27th 2012 Episode
April 26thEpisodeApril 26th 2012 Episode
April 25thEpisodeApril 25th 2012 Episode
April 24thEpisodeApril 24th 2012 Episode
April 23rdEpisodeApril 23rd 2012 Episode
April 20thEpisodeApril 20th 2012 Episode
April 19thEpisodeApril 19th 2012 Episode
April 18thEpisodeApril 18th 2012 Episode
April 17thEpisodeApril 17th 2012 Episode
April 16thEpisodeApril 16th 2012 Episode
April 13thEpisodeApril 13th 2012 Episode
April 12thEpisodeApril 12th 2012 Episode
April 11thEpisodeApril 11th 2012 Episode
April 10thEpisodeApril 10th 2012 Episode
April 9thEpisodeApril 9th 2012 Episode
May 18thVideoLast day party for the show

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May 23rd 2015 SaturdayOff-air
May 24th 2015 SundayOff-air
May 25th 2015 Monday7:00am
May 26th 2015 Tuesday7:00am
May 27th 2015 Wednesday7:00am
May 28th 2015 Thursday7:00am
May 29th 2015 Friday7:00am

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