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Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar SerialBased in Delhi, this story deals with two families, the Sehgal’s and the Tripathiis, living under the same roof as owners and tenants. There are various colorful characters sharing different emotions and bonds of friendship, animosity, love, hate, conspiracy, trust and respect.

The story starts with Dimple and Dhruv love hate relationship and through them we establish the rest of the family members. Dhruv’s youngest sister Megha is getting married. There is a festive atmosphere in the house. At the sangeet ceremony Simple (Dimple’s elder sister) and Daksh (Dhruv’s elder brother) perform on a song. This gives an idea to the fathers and they convince their ever fighting wives to get the two married. There are varied reactions, but finally all ends well and the two are engaged to get married soon.

But the twist in the tale comes when Daksh’s boss, Lipika, sets her sight on him and gives him a proposal to get married to her and become the partner in the firm. Daksh, being an overly ambitious guy, finds this proposal hard to dismiss. His problem is that he has been an ideal son for the family till date and this step will cause him to lose his reputation and respect till the last minute he is unable to make up his mind.

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