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Chand Ke Paar Chalo SerialWe start the story at a point wherein it has been 3 months since Anisa and her family have moved into Mumbai. They came here primarily because Anisa’s father required treatment and the big city would provide for better facilities. And now Anisa wants to get a job here. She feels that opportunities in Mumbai are far greater and she doesn’t want her ill and weak father to have to struggle to provide for them in Lucknow. For her Lucknow does not hold any charm.

Anisa after much struggle procures a job in one of Mumbai’s biggest media houses- The Singhanias- who are the owners of a major magazines “Desi Girls”. She is hired by Arjun Singhania the head honcho of this business empire- as his younger brother Rahul’s PA.

Arjun who is tired of Rahul’s philandering ways which is likely to ruin a big merger he is planning with Rahul’s fiancés family. Arjun is convinced that Anisa is exactly the kind of girl with whom Rahul will never dream of flirting with. Rahul on the other hand is appalled that he is saddled with a girl who for him is a social embarrassment.

The story now is of Anisa trying to fit into this new world of glitz and glamour. A world where every girl is a size zero, where every man is flirtatious, where money talks and style defines ones worth. Anisa from Lucknow is thrown into this world- a world where everyone looks down on her and treats her with disdain. It is the story of her struggle to make a place for herself in this alien world and finding happiness,finding love, and finding herself.

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