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Bhootwala Serial SerialThe show is based on a story of two friends, Vicky and Ram who fear their looming bankruptcy after having lost a hefty sum of borrowed money in the share market. The plot revolves around their numerous attempts to recover the money and return it to their lender - Lala Pathan. They see a ray of hope when Vicky learns of the inevitable death of his wealthy grand father who leaves him an old bungalow. Vicky realizes that the only way he can clear his debt is by selling off his inheritance. Together with his friend Ram, he decides to renovate and sell off the house at a profit. To keep the cash coming in they start using the bungalow as a guest house.

But things are not really as simple as they seem. They soon find out that they – Vicky, his girlfriend Ria and Ram, are not the only residents of this huge lodge. With an eerie presence felt at all times, they are staying with none other than a family of ghosts! The ghost family has made this their home ever since they drowned in the nearby lake while on their way to a wedding. Still in their fancy clothes, they decided to seek shelter in the villa and over the years built a decent relation with Vicky’s grandfather. After his death, the ghost family decided to continue their loyalty towards him and promised the old man that they will never harm any living relatives of his family.

But, when they realize Vicky’s ultimate intentions they fear the loss of their only comfortable haunt. Now this struggle between the Humans and the Bhoots to retain the bungalow continues with a new fight everyday. Neither the Bhoots budge nor the Humans. And we have a hilarious episode to watch every time. SAB brings forth complete comical chaos for its viewers as each of the characters try to out-do the other for their personal interests.

An element of surprise also exists in the show with the presence of yet another supernatural being known only as ‘Wo’. This invisible and powerful being runs a chill down anyone’s spine as it lurks around the bungalow and ends up killing the guests who stop at this lodge.

Bhootwala Serial is a first of its kind where Ghosts will be creating a laugh riot for the first time on Indian television. The show has all the ingredients to not only scare you to the bone but also jolt your funny bones simultaneously. The look of the show is a brilliant mix of the today and the era gone by. The bhoots portray the ‘sixties look’ since they meet their troubled death during that decade while the humans sport a present day modern look making the visual contrast a treat to watch.

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January 24th 2018 Wednesday11:30am
January 25th 2018 Thursday11:30am
January 26th 2018 FridayOff-air
January 27th 2018 SaturdayOff-air
January 28th 2018 SundayOff-air
January 29th 2018 Monday11:30am
January 30th 2018 Tuesday11:30am

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