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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Serial‘Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap’ a historical drama that narrates the awe-inspiring story of Pratap Singh, one of the first freedom fighters that India ever saw. History is replete with stories of valor and courage about great leaders, but it is rare to find a leader like Maharana Pratap and his loyal followers who braved hardships and sacrificed immensely to save their beloved kingdom. The name “Maharana Pratap” has always been held in great honor and respect. Maharana Pratap is undoubtedly an epic drama that’s not to be missed!

Bharat Ka Veer Putra Updates

January 16th 2016 - ISH-RA FOREVER (PART 8)
January 13th 2016 - ISH-RA FOREVER (PART 7)
January 12th 2016 - ISH-RA FOREVER (PART 6)
January 9th 2016 - ISH-RA FOREVER (PART 5)
January 7th 2016 - BARC Ratings - Week 1
December 24th 2015 - ISH-RA FOREVER (PART1)
December 13th 2015 - Hate to Love (Part 11)
November 28th 2015 - Hate to Love (Part 9)
November 22nd 2015 - Hate to Love (Part 8)
November 21st 2015 - Hate to Love (Part 7)
November 20th 2015 - Maharana Pratap to go off air
November 14th 2015 - Hate to Love (Part 6)
November 7th 2015 - Hate to Love (Part 1)

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February 10th 2016 Wednesday7:30am
February 11th 2016 Thursday7:30am
February 12th 2016 Friday7:30am
February 13th 2016 SaturdayOff-air
February 14th 2016 SundayOff-air
February 15th 2016 Monday7:30am
February 16th 2016 Tuesday7:30am

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