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Bandhan SerialThere are some bonds that you are born into and there are others that you forge on your own. And then there's a third kind that destiny picks out specially for you, simply because they are meant to complete you as a person! Relationships of the third kind are sometimes so unique that they question the norms of nature, challenge all socially acceptable patterns of lifestyle and leave everyone around gaping wide-eyed with amazement... Zee TV's latest prime time offering Bandhan hindi serial is the first-of-its-kind television show to delve into one such astonishing relationship between a little girl Darpan and Ganesha, a new-born elephant calf who she accepts as her younger brother!

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November 25th 2017 Saturday6:30am
November 26th 2017 SundayOff-air
November 27th 2017 Monday6:30am
November 28th 2017 Tuesday6:30am
November 29th 2017 Wednesday6:30am
November 30th 2017 Thursday6:30am
December 1st 2017 Friday6:30am

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