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Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na SerialThe basic idea of the story is “does a daughter’s responsibility towards her parents end once she is married? Is she wrong in wanting to support her parents while she is looking after her in laws and is it right on her part to expect her husband to be as responsible to her parents as she is to his”? It is the story of Aabha who is caught in this balancing act between her responsibilities towards her husband’s family and her responsibilities towards her own family...

The story of a young middle class girl who faces a conflict that every middle class girl goes through. Born in a middle class family that consists of her parents and three other siblings Aabha is 24 yrs of age. She works in a five star hotel. Being the eldest of three sisters she is prepared to be the first one to be married. Her marriage has been fixed and the whole family celebrating when she realizes that her elder brother on whom her parents are depending for everything has his own plans. He feels least responsible for shouldering the parents responsibilities and has already planned to go to America to live his life. The other sister on whom she was pinning her hopes has her own plans too. She, against her parents wishes wants to become an actress and leave the house. The youngest sibling is handicapped. She herself is a dependant. Seeing the circumstances in her house she decides not to get married. But fate seems to have another plan. The owner of the hotel, her boss, Aditya Ranawat falls madly in love with her and comes straight to her father with a proposal. Her father is overwhelmed with this rishta Aditya promises Aabha that he will allow her to look after her parents , as they will be his parents too. Based on this assurance and Aditya’s genuine love foe her, she agrees to marry him. As she becomes the mistress of the five star and a huge palatial bungalow, a barrage of problems befall her . Her own family just falls apart and she wants to be with them and support them and on the other hand her sasural , where she has to play the duty of a bahu is very demanding. The act of balancing between the two and the conflict between her duties as a bahu and beti form the crux of the show. Will she ever achieve that balance? Will the system let her play both the roles with equal panache?

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