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Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo SerialGod made people but didn't make them all the same. While some are born kind, some vile, some magnificent, some unpleasant… some are born special. The special ones aren’t easily accepted by the so called ‘universal’. They aren’t treated as equal, and at times aren’t even considered human. Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo is a heart-wrenching story of one such ‘different’ girl called Bharati. At about 22 years of age, Bharati is just like any other girl of her age – she is pretty, intelligent, extremely talented. But what makes her stand apart from all the others is her height. Bharati stands about 3 and half feet in height!

‘Baba Aiso Varr dhoondo’ is about Bharati - a dwarf woman and her lifelong struggle to be accepted by others and to be treated like a ‘normal’ human being; It is about her journey as she sets out to prove to everyone that physical appearance doesn’t matter – it’s the kind of person you are that really counts; And finally, it is about her quest to find love, to find a person who will love her unconditionally and will accept her the way she is!

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