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Watch Arjun OnlineStar Plus is spicing up it's weekend serial offering with the launch of this new action-thriller crime investigation drama Arjun. Arjun is a police officer that will be taking on criminals with his unmatched ability to outpower them with his instincts and the best of minds. Each episode will sport an interesting new story in which Arjun as well as the Emergency Task Force Team will rid the world from all sorts of crimes. In simple words, Arjun is unstoppable, merciless, and aggressive. Arjun serial is a promising one and is sure to provide awesome stunts and locations. Since he is so intelligent and ruthless, he will take on any case he is assigned without thinking twice. "Toh samjhe... ya samjhaoon?" - Arjun

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DateTypeArjun OnlineComments
February 23rdEpisodeFebruary 23rd 2014 Episode
February 16thEpisodeFebruary 16th 2014 Episode
January 26thEpisodeJanuary 26th 2014 Episode
January 25thEpisodeJanuary 25th 2014 Episode
January 19thEpisodeJanuary 19th 2014 Episode
January 18thEpisodeJanuary 18th 2014 Episode
January 12thEpisodeJanuary 12th 2014 Episode
January 11thEpisodeJanuary 11th 2014 Episode
January 5thEpisodeJanuary 5th 2014 Episode
January 4thEpisodeJanuary 4th 2014 Episode
December 29thEpisodeDecember 29th 2013 Episode
December 28thEpisodeDecember 28th 2013 Episode
December 22ndEpisodeDecember 22nd 2013 Episode
December 21stEpisodeDecember 21st 2013 Episode
December 15thEpisodeDecember 15th 2013 Episode
December 14thEpisodeDecember 14th 2013 Episode
December 8thEpisodeDecember 8th 2013 Episode
December 7thEpisodeDecember 7th 2013 Episode
December 1stEpisodeDecember 1st 2013 Episode
November 30thEpisodeNovember 30th 2013 Episode
November 24thEpisodeNovember 24th 2013 Episode
November 23rdEpisodeNovember 23rd 2013 Episode
November 17thEpisodeNovember 17th 2013 Episode
November 16thEpisodeNovember 16th 2013 Episode
November 10thEpisodeNovember 10th 2013 Episode
November 9thEpisodeNovember 9th 2013 Episode
November 3rdEpisodeNovember 3rd 2013 Episode
November 2ndEpisodeNovember 2nd 2013 Episode
October 27thEpisodeOctober 27th 2013 Episode
October 26thEpisodeOctober 26th 2013 Episode
October 29thNewsSana Khans exit
October 29thNewsAkshay Anand to enter the show
August 24thNewsCreating movie thrill on television
August 12thVideoMeet the crew
August 11thVideoAa Raha Hai
August 11thNewsThis generations superhero arrives

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Upcoming Next Week

This is what Arjun's schedule looks like for the next 7 days.
March 1st 2015 Sunday7:30am
March 2nd 2015 MondayOff-air
March 3rd 2015 TuesdayOff-air
March 4th 2015 WednesdayOff-air
March 5th 2015 ThursdayOff-air
March 6th 2015 FridayOff-air
March 7th 2015 Saturday7:30am

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