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Adaalat SerialAdaalat is a show revolving around KD Pathak, a suave, sophisticated, witty and yet unconventional lawyer who is known as a ‘Houdini’ in circles of law because he can get his clients out of the tightest of situations. His success rate of acquittals is 100 percent. But most importantly KD stands not for his client, but for Justice.

KD has an amazing eye for detail and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He always seems to know enough about every profession, and what he doesn’t know he covers up and makes up with his smartness. KD is a quick thinker.

KD steps into a case when all is doomed for the accused. All the doors are shut. When the prosecution has prepared a water tight open and shut case where even a blind man can tell that the accused is guilty. But no one can see the case from the angle KD does.

Adaalat Updates

August 24th 2017 - Man Mayal part 30
August 20th 2017 - Man Mayal part 29
August 18th 2017 - Man Mayal part 28
August 8th 2017 - Man Mayal part 26
July 22nd 2017 - Man Mayal part 25
June 7th 2017 - Man Mayal part 23
June 3rd 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 23
June 2nd 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 22
June 1st 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 21
May 31st 2017 - Man Mayal part 20
May 28th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 19
May 7th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 18
April 24th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 17
April 15th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 16
April 8th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 15
April 2nd 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 14
March 30th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 13
March 25th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 12
March 24th 2017 - MAN MAYAL part 11
November 29th 2015 - Dewana dil Part 7
October 26th 2015 - #DabbaToTV

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January 24th 2018 WednesdayOff-air
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January 26th 2018 FridayOff-air
January 27th 2018 Saturday7:30am
January 28th 2018 Sunday7:30am
January 29th 2018 MondayOff-air
January 30th 2018 TuesdayOff-air

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