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Aaj Rang Hai SerialStarring Noman Ejas and Sabba Qamar, Aaj Rang Hai is set in a village and the story is about two families with astonishing behaviors. The center of attention in Aaj Rang Hai is Aasya Yaqoob who happens to be attracted to her very own English teacher named Chouhan. The story takes place in a male dominated environment and as drama unfolds Aasya is exposed to how the world runs around her.

Aaj Rang Hai Updates

May 17th 2016 - Arranged Marriage
April 9th 2016 - HARI AND HARA
August 24th 2015 - Dadi angry on Suhani
August 14th 2015 - BARC Ratings 12th August
June 20th 2015 - Date ruining waiter

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March 22nd 2018 Thursday10:00am
March 23rd 2018 Friday10:00am
March 24th 2018 Saturday10:00am
March 25th 2018 SundayOff-air
March 26th 2018 Monday10:00am
March 27th 2018 Tuesday10:00am
March 28th 2018 Wednesday10:00am

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