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Ishaqzaade AlbumHindi music of Ishaqzaade was written and composed by Amit Trivedi. Songs of this Indian Bollywood movie can be downloaded below once you scroll down. Just click on the title of the mp3 and it will take you to the download page where it can be downloaded directly to your computer.

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Movie Information:

Music director: Amit Trivedi
Director: Habib Faisal
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra
Release Date: May 11th, 2012

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1Aafaton Ke Parinde3907
3Chokra Jawaan2268
5Jhalla Wallah1966
6Pareshaan (Remix)1376
7Jhalla Wallah (Remix)1155

Ishaqzaade Music Review

The trailer of Ishaqzaade had struck the right chords with the masses and the classes and it remains to be seen if the music director Amit Trivedi has managed to strike the right chords, notes and beats with the film’s music. Considering that it is a youth centric film, one would expect some upbeat numbers, possibly a romantic track to go with the central love story and some songs with a rustic feel to go with the chaotic semi urban cum rural setting of the film.

We start off with a bumpy and highly energetic ride with the ‘Chokra Jawan’ which is an item number cum a celebratory song. While ‘Chokra Jawan’ may resemble several songs that have been based at the heartlands of the country (we have heard so many in the last two years alone) yet it stands apart. Amit Trivedi manages to blend in his own signature and Habib Faisal has done a fair enough job with the lyrics. Despite its all Desi setting and execution, ‘Chokra Jawan’ is a nice track but is far from a potential chartbuster. One should give full marks to Sunidhi Chauhan and Vishal Dadlani to have sung this one with fascinating energy and apt attitude.

‘Pareshaan’, up next, is a pleasant surprise and a huge diversion from ‘Chokra Jawan’. The song touches a soft note. Amit Trivedi has composed a soulful track but what really comes as the most impressive in ‘Pareshaan’ is the job done by the lyricist Kausar Munir and the singer Shalmali Kholgade. As the latter’s husky tone sets in, for a millisecond one may confuse her with Sunidhi but Shalmali is in all her rights, a uniquely blended voice. The lyrics of ‘Pareshaan’ are not only different from what we have been normally listening to for quite a long time now. Besides fitting into a song seamlessly, ‘Pareshaan’ is also poetry of notable mention. While the song plays, let yourself go and you are bound to get immersed in the tunes, the chorus and the words. This one would head for a loop with most music lovers.

‘Jhalla Wallah’ starts like so many qawwali numbers, with a raag, a subtle but pretty mundane prelude until the lyrics sets in with modern day lyrics of ‘atom bomb’ and the tone steadily changes from the traditions to set into the present day take of classics. So you have guitars coming in with the bass playing at the back at a rhythmic frequency. Despite trying to be witty and attempting to give this genre of songs a generous retouch, ‘Jhalla Wallah’ would not stay with you. The song would lose your interest long before running through its playtime. This is also possibly one of those rare occasions when Shreya Ghosal does not manage to elevate a listener to the enigmatic levels that she has done on more than a hundred occasions with songs in various Indian languages apart from Hindi. Possibly the music composition and the lyrics are to blame or our pair of ear buds that have been plagued by having to listen to numerous songs of similar composition time and again in Bollywood movies.

Up comes the next song which is not exactly the title song but has ‘Ishaqzaade’ well blended into the lyrics. ‘Aafaton Ke Parindey’ is a winner right from the start. This is where it does not try to emulate the desi cousins such as in ‘Chokra Jawan’ nor does it try and go the classical way with its unimpressive ‘Jhalla Wallah’. ‘Aafaton Ke Parindey’ is a song that has been composed in 2012 for the audience of 2012. The lyrics are strong and so is the composition. The track is high on energy, is fast paced and has generous dose of octaves and high pitches to heat things up. ‘Aafaton Ke Parinde’ can be easily classified as a blend of Rock and Electro and Techno genres.

Moving over to the title song, ‘Ishaqzaade starts on a slow pace and gradually builds up a tune where Javed Ali starts off with his soulful voice. ‘Ishaqzaade’ is a romantic number that remains true to its intent, an original track with an impressive melody to completely salvage the damage done by two songs at the beginning. There may be a lot of instances in the song where Javed Ali would be observed to be trying to emulate Sonu Nigam but he manages to cling on to his own style of singing as well. Just when you thought ‘Ishaqzaade’ was an all out male track, Shreya Ghosal comes in and this is where she is phenomenal. It is not that Shreya cannot sing songs of any other genre other than the romantic numbers but in these types of songs she is unmatchable among her contemporaries. She proves yet again with a small stint in ‘Ishaqzaade’ why she is the best in the industry right now.

2 miss and 3 hits would be how I would put the album of ‘Ishaqzaade’. For any film music lover, ‘Pareshaan’, ‘Aafaton Ke Parindey’ and ‘Ishaqzaade’ title track would be reasons enough to buy the album.