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Department AlbumHindi music of Department was written and composed by Dharam Sandeep. Songs of this Indian Bollywood movie can be downloaded below once you scroll down. Just click on the title of the mp3 and it will take you to the download page where it can be downloaded directly to your computer.

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Movie Information:

Music director: Dharam Sandeep
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Anjana Sukhani, Rana Daggubati, Naseeruddin Shah, Nathalia Kaur, Madhu Shalini, Vijay Raaz, Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh
Release Date: May 18th, 2012

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1Dan Dan Cheeni Shoot Mix2750
3Theme Of Department1029
4Bad Boys962
5Mumbai Police956

Department Music Review

We cannot remember when was the last time that Ram Gopal Varma delivered a hit film or his film had music that we could relate to or be impressed with. There was a time but when Ram Gopal Varma had a cult following whether we talk about his dark, gritty films or the music that they had. With Ramu returning to his favorite cops, gangsters and action genre, one can be safe about the premise of the film, but how about the music? Department belongs to a territory where not much can be done about the music of the film. Either way, let’s find out.

Department brings together a long list of singers, lyricists and music directors. The list stretches to an extent where Sanjay Dutt has lent his voice while there are four music directors in the gang. There is the duo of Dharam and Sandeep, Vikram Nagi and the recently engaged Bappa Lahiri (son of the King of Disco, everyone’s favorite Bappi Lahiri or Bappi Da). There aren’t too many names among the singers which normal cine going audience may instantly recognize but there is Mika Singh, Sudesh Bhosle and Ritu Pathak among others. The lyrics of the songs in Department have been composed by Vayu, Shabbir Ahmed and Sandip Singh.

Nathalia Kaur may be the next big thing as per Ram Gopal Varma’s opinion and possibly ‘Dan Dan Cheeni’ would be a huge hit in the rural areas of India but in the most unadulterated words ‘Dan Dan Cheeni’ is anything but even close to a Sheila or a Munni. The lyrics are unimpressive, the composition is strictly average and the singers Paroma Dasgupta, Ravi and Sandeep Patil can do nothing to make this item song an interesting experience. This is absolute routine. Considering all the hype and the hoopla, we were expecting anything but ‘Dan Dan Cheeni’. To make things worse, the choreography of the song is equally average to have any salvaging contribution.

We just hope that things get better from here else it may become difficult to handle the music department of ‘Department’.

‘Mumbai Police’ is where Sanjay Dutt lends his voice but he is not singing actually, it is more like a Bollywood version of a rap. In reality, ‘Mumbai Police’ is a desi rap with colloquial lyrics. The composition of ‘Mumbai Police’ would easily remind you of ‘Ganpat, Chal Daru La’ from ‘Shootout At Lokhandwala’. While the latter had some punk and some interesting lines, not to forget that there was actually a rhythm the music composers could boast of, with Department’s ‘Mumbai Police’, the album has just started to sink to the deepest fathoms of the ocean.

That the lyrics do not have any pattern of syllable structure in the lines becomes obvious when the singer Farhad Bhiwandiwala struggles to run through them while rapping. The only saving grace of ‘Mumbai Police’ is the chorus section which is somewhat decent and acceptable.

‘Kammo’ brings on Mika Singh with no variations in the way Mika approaches a song. ‘Kammo’ is a fusion in its truest sense, a blend of Bhangra and electro mixes. While the song is clearly aimed at being a foot tapping number, it lacks the punch in its lyrics, singing and even in its variations. ‘Kammo’ is high on energy but it lacks the ability to attract a listener or a lover of music and does not give anything in its 5 minutes 20 seconds runtime that can be heartily appreciated. The music directors have pulled in numerous instruments, drawn inspiration from multiple genres ranging from pop, Punjabi, Hindi styles along with contemporary music along with traditional beats but at the end of it all, the endeavor creates a salad bowl with all the fruits that we don’t want to consume. This is the second consecutive time when Mika has failed to impress after his Pungi stint in Agent Vinod. (May be we are done with his unique style and he needs to challenge himself)

We loved it when the background score of Will Smith starrer ‘Bad Boys 2’ took choppers across the Miami coastline and top shots building up for some extravagant montages pleasing our ears and eyes. ‘Bad Boys’ of ‘Department’ starts off with all sorts of techno sounds (the sounds of the helicopter surely had been created using some audio software). But the starts can be deceptive and it proves to be true. ‘Bad Boys’ is the first song which makes an impact. The credit possibly needs to go to Ritu Pathak who sings it with all the energy and the right attitude that the song demanded. The music composition is fairly impressive, considering the drubbing with the first three songs. The lyrics is apt and the entire execution with some inputs from the editing console have made ‘Bad Boys’ a nice ride. Earl and Ritu Pathak have given everything they could to sing ‘Bad Boys’ to victory.

Finally we have the ‘Theme’ of ‘Department’. This is where rock and Bollywood meets. It has to be acknowledged that for a change Bollywood has embraced hard rock, although not to the extent of metal or grunge metal, the ‘Theme’ track of ‘Department’ is in its own class. The music arrangement is impressive and so is the singing by Sandeep Patil. On another day with some other album, one would have complained the generous mixing of rock with electro and pop but with this number, it makes for a treat. Lovers of music would find the arrangement intriguing. The lyrics of this number, again for a change, are impressive and perfectly in sync with the plot of the film and contemporary India.

The album of ‘Department’ started off on a very wrong note but thankfully ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Ek Do Teen Char’ or the ‘Theme’ song of ‘Department’ has made up for the time wasted in listening to the others. ‘Department’ album is loud, high on energy, does not mince words with its lyrics and throws things at you as they had been conceived.