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MLA An Inside Intruder Information:

Music director: Sandesh Sandilya
Director: Shiv Dube
Producer: Sonam Rai
Cast: Chaitanya Naidu, Ana Kanandadze, Mukesh Tiwari, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Pankaj Tripathi, Deepraj Rana, Krishna Srivastava and Sania Bajaj among others
Release Date: May 25th, 2012

MLA An Inside Intruder Online

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MLA An Inside Intruder Preview

The nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen have been widely known for a long time. In Indian politics it is a fact that even an MLA requires the financial power of a business tycoon to win elections. This is where Bhaglipur, a village in Madhya Pradesh, is different.

While the MLA (Mukesh Tiwari) of the village is as dirty a politician as one can get and police, bureaucracy and everything is in a mess, a son of the soil, a successful entrepreneur dreams for a better future. He intends to change the dynamics and state of his village using his money and skills for the greater good. When dynastic politics and corruption rule the roost of democracy, this young man (Chaitanya Naidu) intends to set up a milk factory that would change the lives of the local people. He insists that MLAs and all political leaders must be elected seeing their work and not just by going for the family name or owing to fear.

The MLA had everything going for him until he is brushed at the wrong side. Since the businessman is equally powerful (with all his money) the MLA decides to befriend him for personal benefits, which the idealist young man out rightly rejects. Miffed with the honest arrogance of the lad, the MLA goes on an all out war.

MLA is a story that brings forth the conflict of politicians, businessmen who are pro development and pro people and the common man who has suffered enough.

MLA is set to release on May 25th 2012.