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Love Wrinkle Free Information:

Music director: Vivek Philip
Director: Sandeep Mohan
Producer: Giju John
Cast: Ash Chandler, Shernaz Patel, Ashwin Mushran, Seema Rehmani, Sohrab Ardeshir, Giju John
Release Date: May 25th, 2012

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Love Wrinkle Free is a romantic comedy set in the playground of India, Goa. The Monteiros are a happy family. Dad Savio Monteiro is a sales manager for an innerwear company, mom Annie Monetiro runs a restaurant and their happy go lucky adopted daughter of South East Asian and North East Indian lineage is just the finest example of a 21st century kid.

Their life seems to be on track and everything seems to be alright until Annie discovers that she is pregnant. While things could have been normal and joyous, it does not help that Annie is 48 and Savio is almost in his 40s. Savio is not happy about the fact especially when his higher calling was triggering him to set out on entrepreneurship and their adopted daughter is equally disillusioned at the apparent good news of having a sibling.

Life takes its course and Savio encounters a Portuguese client who intends to buy edible innerwear which is what Savio plans to do. Savio bumps into a tourist who instigates him to do something exciting with his life which has become more boring than mundane. Love and Life develops further wrinkles when Savio’s client’s son falls in love with Annie. The world of the Monteiros undergoes phenomenal changes and lives turns upside down.

Love Wrinkle Free is all about the various potholes that one experiences in various stages of life; in this case it is around the 40s. A romantic comedy in its truest sense and capturing the essence of Goa, the Portuguese and Anglo Indian communities in the state, Love Wrinkle Free is set to tickle your funny bone while some anti aging wrinkle free creams fail to enhance one’s aging beauty.