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Music director: Ousephachan
Director: Sohan Roy
Producer: Abhini Sohan
Cast: Aashish Vidyarthi, Linda Arsenio, Rajit Kapoor, Harry Key, Joshua Fredric Smith, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman
Release Date: November 25th, 2011

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Movie Review
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One of the most intellectual movies of all times, with a subject that has never been utilized in films before, Dam 999 is an emotional-thriller that acknowledges the incident of ‘Banqiao dam disaster(China)’ which is looked upon as, one of the worst man-made disasters of all-time, taking lives of approximately 250,000 people. The damage caused was worse than the Hiroshima & Nagasaki Nuclear Bombing incident. This film is presented by Biz TV Network and Warner Bros. Pictures, starring Rajit Kapur, Joshua Fredric Smith, Linda Arsenio, Gary Richardson, Jaala Pickering, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, Megha Burman and Jineet Rath.

Dam 999 depicts the ancient Indian perception of Navarasas (9 human emotions) that is beautifully portrayed by a mix of Indian & Hollywood actors. Similar to a water-dam that retains and preserves a large quantity of water, every character possessing one of the Navarasas, holds on to his or her individual emotions to an extent where it becomes impossible to continue further. Eventually, the dam of their emotions breaks-down causing mass destruction.

The film also makes a serious effort to bring some of the major Ancient Indian myths & science to light. Ashish Vidyarthi (Durai) – portrays the Navarasa of Disgust, Joshua Fredric Smith (Captain Fredrick Brown) – Fun, Vinay Rai (Vinay) – Wrath, Linda Arsenio (Sandra) – Courage, Vimala Raman (Meera) – Compassion, Megha Burman (Raziya)- Romance, Jaala Pickering (Maria) – Fear & Despair, Jineet Rath (Sam) – Wonder & Curiosity, ‘Dam 999’ is slated for release on November 25th 2011 in English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu. Warner Bros. will be releasing this film in 2D and 3D.