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Chutki Bajaa Ke Information:

Music director: Raaj Aashoo
Director: Vedant Vishnoi
Producer: Mukul Raj
Cast: Ishant Indaliya, Mukesh Tiwari, Shilpi Sharma, Abhijeet Lehiri, Shashi Sharma, Aslam Khan and Ashish Sharma
Release Date: May 25th, 2012

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Maharana Pratab Teaser
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Chutki Bajaa Ke Preview

Child Labor is a reality which people know, acknowledge and accept but choose not to discuss. Chotu, an orphan, does not have the means for a living and hence has to give in to child labor. A boy, barely in his teens, he does not have a friend, any family and manages to go through his days doing odd jobs, earning peanuts and sleeping on the road. Life changes for the good when Chotu finds an ancient locket which has some magical powers. Using the locket Chotu can snap his fingers and become anyone he desires to, that is physically.

Chutki Bajaa Ke is the story of Chotu and this magical locket. Making this unique discovery, Chotu sets out on a journey of not only fixing his own destiny but also elevating other poor kids and helping people in distress to win over their failures, shortcomings and eventually get a better life. Chotu learns from a man who is aware of the locket that it can only be used and its powers can only be wielded by someone who has honest intentions. Crooks and people who want to misuse the powers of the locket cannot benefit from it.

Chutki Bajaa Ke thereby takes Chotu on a fun, frolicking and rewarding journey.

The only known actor in Chuki Bajaa Ke is the talented Mukesh Tiwari and the remaining cast appears to be entirely new. The film also marks the debut of director Vedant Vishnoi. Kunal Ganjawala has lent his voice for a few songs of Chutki Bajaa Ke.