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Music director: Gaurav Dayal
Director: Vickrant Mahajan
Producer: Ronicka Khandari
Cast: Vickrant Mahajan, Kainaz Motivala, Prem Chopra and Manoj Pahwa
Release Date: July 20th, 2012

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Challo Driver Preview

Challo Driver is an upcoming comedy film with a slightly offbeat yet intriguing story.

Arjun (Vickrant Mahajan) is a sharp, handsome and successful entrepreneur and he looks for perfection in every man and woman that he meets or hires in his company or at home. So when he sets out to hire a chauffeur, he would only settle for the best. Kainaz Motivala is a young beautiful woman and is educated enough for any job but she just does not manage to find one that is exciting and fun. She eventually bids for the job of Arjun’s chauffeur and finally lands the job after impressing his dad (Prem Chopra). Arjun turns out to be a Terminator, Hitler and a monotonous boss but the young duo cannot help but fall in love. The pretty lady decides to turn on Arjun’s medicine on himself and there is a role reversal. Arjun is entrusted with the job of being a driver for her family. The fun ride takes off even further when her dad treats him no more than a driver.

‘Challo Driver’ is expected to be a hilarious film based on the unusual concept of a woman driver and then switching of the central role with the honcho hero. Produced by Orange Canvas Productions and directed by Vickrant Mahajan, ‘Challo Driver’ is slated to release on 20th July.

The film is Vickrant’s debut as a director, writer, actor and lyricist. Mika has lent his voice for the film and the only know cast members happen to be Prem Chopra and Manoj Pahwa.