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Music director: Daboo Malik
Director: Ajai Sinha
Producer: Pramod Sharma
Cast: Sharman Joshi, Raima Sen, Riya Sen, Manoj Pahwa, Himani Shivpuri, Manish Nagpal and Nigar Khan
Release Date: July 6th, 2012

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3 Bachelors is a Romantic-comedy involving 3 single men who attempt to create an impact on their prospective partners by melting their hearts with the wonderful emotion of Love. Amit & Jai enter Mumbai from their respective home towns, for completing their further education in Dhariwal College. Amit is extremely flamboyant & naughty, therefore ends up in a trouble on the first day of the college itself, when he teases Neha & Nisha who are students as well. Unknowingly, Jai also becomes a part of this mess and has to face the wrath of the Principal Shalini Devi who is highly ethical yet single woman. Unable to find a room within the college hostel, both Amit & Jai are informed about someone who is willing to rent a room in her apartment exclusively for married couples. With no other option left, both the boys trick this land-lady who also turns out to be their Principal Shalini Devi into believing that they are a married couple. Jay transforms his external appearance to look like a woman, pretending to be Amitís wife. Both disguise their actual looks to save themselves from being kicked out of the house. As the story moves further both Jay & Amit begin to feel a mutual attraction with Neha & Nisha who are Shalini Deviís Nieces.

Unable to find a solution to reveal their romantic feelings for Neha & Nisha, the boys encourage Professor Deepak Verma who is also a bachelor, to romantically pursue Principal Shalini in an attempt to alter her autocratic personality into a gentle loving lady. While everything seems to work according to the plan, all hell breaks loose when accidentally Jay & Amitís secret comes-out in the open. They try to keep their side of the story in front of Shalini, Neha & Nisha and are finally able to win their respective partners after a lot of emotional drama. 3 Bachelors includes several hilarious dialogues and incidents throughout the film which would hopefully amuse & entertain the audiences.