Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon June 1st 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon June 1 2012

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June 1st Written Update - Summary

In today’s adventurous episode, Arnav tries hard to break the grill with a rope but just then they hear someone coming and Khushi returns back to her position. It was the guard person. He tries to make Khushi eat the food forcefully. He asks Khushi to tell that why was she following him? Khushi tries to walk away to ignore him. When he tries to do some nuisance with Khushi, she slaps her hard and Arnav also shouts at him. Arnav breaks the grill out of anger and jumps to Khushi’s room and starts beating the guard. He falls on ground and Khushi hugs Arnav tightly. They both get lost in the good old times memories. Soon, they realise some odd sounds and run from there.

And there at home Payal is upset. Akash apologises for not picking her phone. Payal complains for his being absent for the lunch. Akash tries to explain that it just slipped from his mind and then he again plans to go for a business party together and Payal agrees.

On the other scene some hard men are following Khushi and Arnav who are ruuning for their lives. Those men have guns in their hands and are very angry. Somehow, Khushi and Arnav manage to hide themselves behind building. Khushi starts crying and explaining how badly she has missed him. Arnav makes her silent. But those men seem to have heard her and they start going in the same direction from where they had heard the voice but finds no one there as Arnav had pulled Khushi behind another building and they fell over. Those guards are still looking for them with guns and anger. Khushi and Arnav keep hiding. One out of those persons receives a phone call from his boss who is very angry with the incident and orders them to find them soon. Khushi and Arnav are struck in a jungle. They try every possible way to save each other of small injuries of woods and thorns.

Payal feels excited t go to the business party. She is confused about what dress to be worn and Akash helps her out by telling her that everything suits her. While Khushi and Arnav find an abandoned room to hide.