Pavitra Rishta May 16th 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta May 16 2012

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May 16th Written Update - Summary

Archana thanks Arjun that he didnt tell Ovi that she is her mother.She also tells him that she only wants to be with her children. Arjunassures her that her secret will be intact with him. Arjun determinedto tell the truth to Ovi about, purvi and himself, takes leave.

Arjun sees that Ovi is tense. He asks him whats the matter she tellshim that her employers at Canada are suing her because she has singeda contract. He asks her why she did so .She tells him that she couldnot wait to get married to him and anything else didnt mattered.

Hearing this Arjun cannot bring himself to tell about his affair withPurvi. He is torn between telling the truth and hurting Ovi. When Purvisees Ovi coming alone she thinks that Arjun had told truth about thembut Arjun comes and join Ovi. Purvi is disappointed.

Teju address the party and tells about her sister and their lovingrelation. She recalls their childhood days. She says that when Ovigets married she would miss her. She asks Arjun to promise that hewill always keep Ovi happy as she cant bear Ovi being unhappy.Manav comes and hugs Ovi ,Teju and Arjun. Manav says that Ovi haschanged and matured coming to India. And that parting with her might beeven be bad. Manav announces Bonus for all his employees.

Archana thinks that how Manav is looking so happy after so long time.Teju announces that a game of paper folding dance where a coupledances on paper and when music stops the paper will be folded. Couplesname were written on paper and thus who will dance with whom isdetermined by draw of chits. Teju asks Archana to show her chit,Archana refuses and she snatches her paper in which Manavs name iswritten. Archana refuses to dance so does Manav. But Teju and Oviforces them to dance.Music starts Manav holds Archana hand shyly Archana dances with him.

Arjun dances with Ovi but his attention is on Purvi. Musis stopes andpapers on which thay are dancing is folded again and again. At lastonly Archana and Manav and Ovi and Arjun are left. Aaji regrets thatArchanas happiness are for so short period and that in few monthsher daughters will leave her. Then suddenly Archana steppes out andshe lost the game. Teju says that she knows that Archana lostknowingly. Archana replies that she wanted that Ovi should win.