Star One Serials

Watch Star One serials online. Free Star One drama updates and episodes. This is the complete list of Star One dramas, both on-air and off-air.

Star One currently does not have any shows on-air.

Discontinued Star One Serials

The following dramas are either no longer being aired on television for Star One, or are taken off temporarily until the next season.

Hans Baliye
Last update: August 15th
Paani Puri
Last update: October 11th
Last update: July 2nd
Special Squad
Last update: May 30th

Star One Television Guide

Drama schedule for the currently on-air dramas.
Star One currently does not have any shows on-air.


Newest Serials on Star One

These are the 5 latest serials (not episodes) added to Apni TV on Star One.

  • No new on-air dramas on Star One


Serials On-air Today on Star One

These are all the drama serial episodes that are scheduled to air on Star One today. Ones that we have added are hyper-linked.

  • No dramas on-air on Star One today