Jodi Breakers, R. Madhavan’s second outing as a solo hero in as many movies, has been slapped with plagiarism charges. Bollywood is not new to such charges and music directors have been consistently embroiled in similar controversies. However, as far as producers and filmmakers are concerned, in most cases they buy out the rights of the original to avoid any hassles later.

It is being said that Jodi Breakers has resemblance to the Belgian movie “Heartbreakers”. In most cases, such allegations are settled behind closed doors and in some cases the about to be released movie turns out to be loosely inspired by the original. While not many would know since Jodi Breakers has not released and most people have not seen “Heartbreakers”, it is likely the controversy would fuel the promotional activities and hype the film further. Continue reading “Jodi Breakers music resembles with a Belgian Movie” »

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