Considering the widespread promotions and all the hullabaloo encompassing the release of Rowdy Rathore, perhaps everyone knows what the film is about and what or who Rowdy Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha plays.

For those who have not been into the thick of things, here is a brief on what the story is all about. There would be no notifications of spoiler alerts since there is nothing that I can disclose here that would spoil the story, film or your experience.

Vikram Rathore is a fierce police officer who had the guts to take the uncrowned king of Devgarh, Baapji head on despite much support from the police force or the politicians. Devgarh is a small town in Bihar where Baapji is the Baap and controls everything, takes all shots – political or criminal. Vikram Rathore meets with an unfortunate fight with the bad guys and is killed while Baapji witnesses and cherishes his ill fate. Vikram has a six year old daughter, Neha, who travels to Mumbai for a wedding. There, she spots her dad dancing and prancing all around. Only that he is Shiva, the Rowdy, and not Vikram Rathore. Shiva does not believe what the girl says and is too busy to woo his lady love but a sudden attack by a bunch of bad guys compel Shiva to get to the bottom of this.

Shiva then heads back to Bihar, incidentally Sonakshi’s character also hails from the same town. There isn’t much need to delve into anything further since the remaining is the same old story of bad guys taking the ladylove of the hero and the little girl captive and then the hero going all out avenging the murder of an honest man.

That is the story of Rowdy Rathore but the screenplay is a little twisted and it starts with Shiva in Mumbai and travels back and forth between Vikram’s ill fated life and Shiva’s revenge.

There is nothing to expect from Rowdy Rathore other than some basic entertainment. The film has nothing but high voltage action sequences where the cop or the thief (Vikram or Shiva) are both larger than life and a small town’s Superman. There is a lot of music embedded here and there, songs and dances, dialogues that are aimed directly at the rural areas and attempts to incite an interest among the audience.

Watch Rowdy Rathore if you are a fan of Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Deva, Sonakshi Sinha or love to watch mass entertainers. Rowdy Rathore is an all out typical Bollywood masala flick that hardly has anything to surprise you. The acting is acceptable from all corners, whether we talk about Sonakshi or Nasser (the villain Baapji). The background score is good, choreography is fair enough and the cinematography along with editing is good as with any top notch film.

Although such films cannot be critiqued with an eye for the niche yet it would have been better to do away with a few songs and if the length was cut down by a few reels.


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