There are some films that should never be made. Not that they have a bad story, or should we call it the basic idea of the story, but because the vision of the director, the job done by the casting agent and the acting would end up being so dismal that even a ‘Mother India’ could be turned into a catastrophe.

MLA An Inside Intruder is exactly that and worse. The primary problems with MLA are the absolute absence of acting skills on the part of the lead pair Chaitanya Naidu and Ana Kalandadze, absolutely undesired and irrelevant song and dance routine, the screenplay and the dialogues. If you thought MLA was all about politics and contriving games then you are right but what you probably would not have expected is the beaten to death dialogues, clichéd or actually hackneyed political agendas and lackluster performances by the actors as well as the director.

Shiv Dubey’s MLA An Inside Intruder is about a poor boy turned rich industrialist Kamal Khushwaha who wants to set up a milk factory in his village of Bhaglipur that can change the entire economics and hence fate of the place and its people. How he becomes a successful entrepreneur is a mystery that no one can decipher. Anyway, like almost every village portrayed on celluloid, there is an MLA whose political aspirations are only to amass wealth and is definitely not a people’s man. MLA Pratap Singh, essayed by Mukesh Tiwari, along with his confidante Sukhram, played by Pankaj Tripathi, starts to scheme to, first oppose Kamal, then to deal with him and benefit from his plans after having failed to threaten him out of the way and later turns against him and decides to kill him. In the midst of all, a farmer Shankar (Omkar Das Manikpuri) who has had enough of Pratap Singh’s no work only pay, decides to voice his opinion and convinces the villagers that they need a new MLA. And that new MLA would be none other than the messiah for the village Kamal Khushwaha.

The story may seem to be either too clichéd or too niche but in reality it falls flat on its face. The item numbers, romantic numbers and all other numbers are absolutely a waste of time and money. The direction is poor. Characters have been half baked and they all seem to know only an expression or two to portray. Mukesh Tiwari and Pankaj Tripathi as usual put up a good show but with the screen time they have there is little they can do to salvage the film. Omkar Das Manikpuri had impressed all and sundry in ‘Peepli Live’ but here he is below par. It just goes on to show that in the wrong hands, even the most talented man cannot live up to his potential.

Cinematography looks substandard and editing could have been much better. The length of the film does not help either. MLA An Inside Intruder is a film with an interesting premise but a sheer waste due to the cast and crew.

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