Sandeep Mohan’s ‘Love Wrinkle Free’ may not be able to get you rid of your wrinkles or stop ageing but it certainly puts your facial muscles at work. It would not be wrong to state that it has been quite some time when there has been a film that was as simple, delicate, sensible and funny as Love Wrinkle Free.

Some of the beauties of ‘Love Wrinkle Free’ lay in the natural essence of Goa that has been mesmerizingly captured by Sandeep Mohan with deft help from his cinematographer, the simple, dysfunctional and imperfect lives of the Monteiros and equally quaint characters that grace their lives at a time when the middle aged couple could really do without their idiosyncratic interventions.

Savio at 38 is anything but a successful sales manager and is willing to answer to his higher calling (that of starting of his own business selling edible undergarments) rather than discover the fact that his much older wife Annie (46) is pregnant. The Monteiros have an adopted daughter Ruth who is least interested in her parents’ affairs and is rather miffed with the fact that they are going to have a baby. If the reality that Annie may not be able to sing in the church choir because her voice is aging and Savio losing money because of a fake investor was not enough to twist their lives, Savio meets Natalie, a foreign tourist, who wants to photograph him while performing various yoga postures and Annie is being wooed by a young lad who has fallen head over heels for her.

Love Wrinkle Free takes mundane life to an all new height and seasons it with Goan curry, spices and herbs to come up with a tale that has not been narrated before. The screenplay and writing is crisp although the same cannot be said about the editing. The background score works and so do the melodious numbers that gel well with the coastal setting. There is a new image of Goa that has been earnestly shot and displayed that has a unique character of its own. Shiny beaches with peddlers all around make way for cloudy seashores with middle aged people instead of models taking dips and showing off their protruding bellies.

Love Wrinkle Free is unabashed and pure fun. There is no slapstick comedy here and humor, if we can call it, is certainly unprecedented. Ash Chandler as Savio and Shernaz Patel as Annie Monteiro are absolutely stunning and so are Seema Rahmani as Natalie and Ashwin Mushran.

The two elements of the film that may disappoint the audience is its length which could have been prettily cut down by twenty odd minutes or so and some mannerisms and dialogues that seem to be a little exaggerated from normality.

Sandeep Mohan does a fine job and his debut should pave his way into Bollywood, if mainstream audiences care for an indie movie that is. Watch ‘Love Wrinkle Free’ for the simple delight you would get watching this normal family of Monteiros going through a quaint phase of life.

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